Cloud Tape

Solstice Doma LP Out Now

Featured Song: Memoirs of the Autumn Carnival

About "Solstice Doma"

Since visiting a geodesic dome house in the 80s, I’ve been intrigued with the concept. This LP meanders through abstract concepts of the dome house and my visit one winter solstice.

Much of this record was written and recorded in the past few years however some parts were recorded as far back as 1979, parts of "Peculiar of Green" are a synthesizer patch I made with Buchla and Moog synthesizer modules at the VCU Synthesizer Lab.

DVDs, CDs, Merch

We're working on a 4k DVD of the music and video as well as CDs. Also various apparel, mugs, cards, totes, etc with the computer generated artwork used in the videos, signup below to know when available.


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